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Financial Aid Consultation

Personal coach will help you with all aspects of financial planning, including merit aid, filling out all necessary forms, tax planning, and most importantly, finding you the finances for your college of choice.

Admissions Coaching

From admissions applications to essays to interviews, we will guide your student to stand out above the other applicants.

Unlimited Access to MyFit App

MyFit™ is a proprietary student / college matching tool that uses location, majors, and other interests to instantly match you with the best schools.

Early Career Coaching

Start planning for the right career as early as grade 8 with course choices, volunteer recommendations and more.

Price Comparison

With Envision Life Academy, there are no hefty up front fees. Our subscription model provides you with all the benefits of membership. We are so sure of our product that we offer a no commitment, cancel anytime low payment pay as you go model.


Private Consultants


Some consultants can incur charges of over $10,000 with no guarantees on college admission or merit aid (loan free tuition aid).

Generic Agencies


Other agencies takes thousands of dollars up front, with no guarantee that they will continue to help once they are paid, and no assurance they won't go out of business.

Envision Life Academy:

$49 Per Month!

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What People are saying

Tanika P., SC

Whenever I had a question there was always a coach there willing to answer my chat back with me. Everything was organized and done within a timely matter. The timely emails always reminded me and kept me focused and on task. I am very thankful for your services!

Tanika P., SC

Eliza L., WI

You were not only helpful for the student, but also for the parents. My parents were able to read and check out my progress. They would often contact the coaches and easily get their questions answered.

Eliza L., WI

Michael E., NY

Without the help of this team, I am sure that I would not have gotten accepted into my number one college choice. During the first semester of my senior year, I was extremely unorganized and unaware of events that I should have kept in mind. With the timeline and constant emails sent out by them, I was able to put myself back on track and put together the best applications possible to the colleges I applied to.

Michael E., NY

13 years and over 100k students later, our experience helped our students get accepted into over 2500 unique colleges nationwide.

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