“We provide a comprehensive 1-on-1 career, college and financial aid planning from high school right through to college acceptance.”

Survey Results of 2022 High School Graduates in Our Program:

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Survey respondents who were accepted by at least one of their top two colleges
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Survey respondents who would recommend our program to another high school student
$ 25 K
Average award letter offer (scholarships, grants, student loans and work study)

*Respondents are limited to active clients who have graduated high school in that particular year and plan to attend college that same year. Qualified respondents to the Senior Survey are placed in a drawing for scholarships.  **Average financial aid offer calculated from reviewed award letters.

what is envision life academy?

It’s simple, Envision Life Academy is a comprehensive educational services organization preparing students for their life through unlimited assistance with career assessments, college selection and college admissions.

why choose envision life academy?

Having served over 100,000 students over the last thirteen years, we have learned from our experiences and built a solid foundation, program and team dedicated to serving the needs of its students nationwide.

Program Information

Unlimited Career Coaching- Ignites the student’s vision of their future through:

Unlimited Career Coaching

Unlimited Admissions Coaching- Ensures each student creates the “right” first impression through:

Unlimited College Selection Coaching – Identifying and evaluating the best colleges for the least cost through:

Unlimited College Selection Coaching

Comprehensive Financial Aid Coaching- Strategies for planning for the total cost of college with emphasis on reducing net out-of-pocket costs through:

Unlimited Admissions Coaching

Other Program Benefits - Access to:

Other Program Benefits - Access to:

Other Unlimited Benefits

Most Common Questions

No need to continue worrying about cost.  Our goal is to help you find the best college for the money.  We will help educate you on all of the various types of Financial Aid available, and which types of aid you may qualify for.  We will help you understand the process and  help you fill out applications for both financial aid and college admission.  We’ll also help you file on time and avoid costly mistakes or miss important deadlines. Our goal is to work with you to ensure you get every dollar you’re entitled to receive.  Please click here to become a member.

Our solution takes all of the pressure off of you.  It’s an easy-to-follow, all-inclusive, step-by-step program.  We developed our own system that provides live access to college planning professionals who have years of accumulated experience helping tens of thousands of students.  And our members also have exclusive access to customized video tutorials, 24 hours a day, to help provide answers to your questions when you need them. Please click here to become a member.

Just leave all of the worrying to us.  We eliminate the “guessing game”. With our proprietary “My Fit” program, we will help make it simple to identify the best colleges for the least cost based on your student’s desired major, financial, social, and academic fit.  Our coaches, along with our program, will help guide you through the admissions requirements and process for each school your student chooses to pursue. Please click here to become a member.

That’s the best news of all.  We have designed our program to fit your budget.  Our service, with all of the benefits included, is available for a small monthly membership fee—that’s it.  There are no additional hidden fees or any long-term commitment.  Cancel any time you want. In fact, for less than what you could pay for Starbucks per week, you can benefit from the help and experience of an “all-inclusive” service that has successfully coached over 100,000 families and students through the entire admissions process. Please click here to become a member.

We encourage you to always seek out answers to any questions you may have about any subject or situation.  Also, our services are “unlimited,” meaning you cannot ask for too much help, whether it is help filling out a college application, reviewing numerous essays, or reviewing numerous award letters. Please click here to become a member

Let us deal with the anxiety of feeling overwhelmed with the process.  We are here to meet you wherever you may be in the process.  Our experienced planning professionals will help you every step of the way.  With our proven plan, they will help get you back on track with financial aid and admissions, and then keep you on track for the rest of the process. Please click here to become a member.

Our Story

We are specialists in the career/college planning industry. Our organization has invested millions of dollars developing our proprietary college/career planning systems. Our systems have been designed from the ground up and built by true experts in the field. In addition, we provide a team of established coaches who deliver direct career and college planning expertise to complement or supplement services offered through your institution.


To see students, live a life of purpose and
passion throughout their careers.

Membership Details

If you choose Envision Life you will feel confident answering all of these questions:

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